UndergroundCoaching® – Awareness training

"I give people a life plan rather than a training plan – the initial body training is a part of the whole."

The demands on life are in the Internet age in all areas of life have become faster paced, sometimes they even take on an independent existence without us realising. A healthy balance between family/private life and work becomes a tightrope act for many. Weaknesses and fears are suppressed, because there is supposedly no time to think about them. Why are we often so unhappy? Where is the truth about us? Are we ready to face this and possibly make fundamental changes to our lives? This requires courage: more courage indeed than it does to ignore it.

Which is precisely where my self-developed method of training, UndergroundCoaching®, comes in. I can help you to deal with new ways of thinking and behaviour patterns, uncover hidden personal blockages from the "Underground" and convert this into new energy. In combination with physical training, you will learn to master your everyday life in a more relaxed, balanced and (ideally) happy way. What you can contribute is time and a bit of patience.

After all, a merger of two companies does not happen in the course of one day.